Damon™ Smile in Edmond, Oklahoma City, and Clinton, OK


Our practice uses Damon Smile exclusively for our braces cases. By using the best technology, we can deliver amazing smiles. The brackets are very small and contoured nicely to avoid many of the bracket irritations you see with other brackets. The bracket system allows us to be more efficient with tooth movement and use lighter, more gentle forces in the teeth. Damon Smile is more comfortable for our patients and yields excellent results when executed by Dr. Farrow and Dr. Dewbre.

What are Damon Smile self-ligating braces?

Self-ligating brackets are a high tech bracket that Damon Smile provides. This term simply means the bracket contains a door to hold the wire in place and does not require an elastic. This particular type of self-ligating bracket is called passive and allows the wire to move more freely to align the teeth. This produces less friction and equals less discomfort to the patient.

Why Damon Smile?

Damon Smile is progressive in its research and development and continues to make advances to improve the bracket experience for our patients and Dr. Farrow and Dr. Dewbre as orthodontic specialists.

  • Treatment time is decreased with self- ligating Damon braces because of treatment efficiency. Treatment time is usually 18 months or less, and patients visit our Edmond, Oklahoma City, or Clinton orthodontic offices at eight to ten week intervals.
  • The need for permanent tooth extractions is decreased, as the philosophy of Damon Smile is to develop the dental arches to make space for most permanent teeth even in the most severely crowded dentitions.
  • Comfort to the patient is another advantage, due to the bracket design and function.
  • Using Damon braces in the early dentition (Phase 1) can allow us to avoid many permanent tooth extractions in the future. At this stage, we also have a perfect opportunity to broaden the dental arches and prevent future crowding or eruption problems.

Farrow & Dewbre Orthodontics is an elite Damon provider based on our years of experience and quality of our work. We are one of 100 doctors throughout the country who have been selected to be involved with product development input. In Dr. Farrow and Dr. Dewbre’s hands, Damon Smile braces give us superior tools to yield exceptional results. However, it is a bracket system only; the master behind the bracket system must be as high quality as the bracket. Drs. Farrow and Dewbre use this system with their orthodontic expertise to create Damon smiles that are healthy, big, broad smiles with proper bites to last a lifetime with retention.

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What Our Patients are Saying
“I believe that my son is receiving excellent care. Thank you for taking care of my son.” – PT
“I love the skill, organization, calmness, and optimism of the office.” – Elizabeth
“Friendly and efficient staff, we would recommend Farrow Orthodontics to our family and friends.” – MW
“We can always get an appointment because of the flexible appointment time slots.” – KS
“The office has a comfortable atmosphere and staff has pleasant attitudes!” – Shannon
“The whole team is always friendly.” – LH
“They have such a kind staff.” – Michael
“Everyone is wonderful and kind, we couldn’t be happier with the service we receive. We would absolutely recommend Farrow Ortho to friends and family.” – ST
“My kids love it and are always comfortable, so that makes me love it. There is nothing you could do to improve, we are always happy. We have many friends that use Farrow Orthodontics.” – BG