Emergency Orthodontic Care in Edmond, Oklahoma City, and Clinton, OK


Orthodontic emergencies are rare. We find many orthodontic issues that occur after hours can be managed with a phone call and an appointment when the office reopens. While we hope the need for comfort care does not happen, occasionally it does. We have a member of our clinical team available during and after hours to take care of you and create the least disruption to your schedule and your life.

If you experience an orthodontic emergency, simply call our Edmond, Oklahoma City, or Clinton office and leave a message. Your call will be returned by a member of our on-call staff.

Loose Appliance

If an appliance such as a Herbst or expander is loose or broken, please contact our office to discuss your options with a team member. The type of appliance failure will determine the plan of action.

Broken Brackets

Broken brackets happen! Sometimes our glue fails and sometimes you may decide to have a food item that may lead to bracket failure. If the bracket is sliding on the wire and is not bothering you, contact our office on the next business day to schedule a repair of the broken appliance. You can use wax to slide the bracket against the next attached bracket to keep it from moving around. You may also open the door and remove it from the wire. If the broken bracket leaves a wire that is poking, retrieve the bracket and clip the wire behind the last attached bracket.

Loose Wire

If a wire becomes unattached from the bracket, you may use some tweezers to thread it back through the slot. If you are unsuccessful at this, you may clip the wire with nail clippers behind the last bracket it is engaged in. If you need guidance, please contact our office and a team member can guide you through this exercise.

Poking Wire

If a wire is poking at the end of the wire, it may be the result of the wire sliding around. This can be resolved by taking some tweezers and sliding the wire away from the poking side. Wax is another alternative if you can’t slide the wire around. If necessary, the poking wire may be clipped. You would clip the wire in front of the last bracket and slide the cut end of the wire out to get relief.

If a wire from a hook or other type of tie is poking, you may use your fingernail or a pencil eraser to push the irritating wire under the bracket or main archwire.

General Soreness

We expect some soreness for the first few days and up to a week after the initial placement of the brackets or aligners. Any over the counter headache medicine you or your child takes should help with some of this discomfort. In addition to OTC medicine, Dr. Farrow and Dr. Dewbre recommend some light sugar-free gum chewing after bracket or wire placement. This is only effective if implemented before the soreness sets in. Constant or excessive gum chewing is not recommended and highly discouraged except at these specific times.

Facial Trauma

Trauma definitely depends on the extent of the trauma as to how it is handled. Go to the nearest ER or contact your general dentist immediately to get started with the repair process. If you are in an orthodontic appliances, your general dentist will consult with your orthodontist regarding your care.

Preventing Emergencies

Farrow & Dewbre Orthodontics employs several methods to prevent orthodontic emergencies from happening in the first place.

  • We use bite pillows to aid in fewer brackets bitten off due to deep bites.
  • We use metal stops to prevent the wire from sliding and leading to a poking wire.
  • We have highly trained orthodontic assistants that have more than 80 years of combined experience to provide you the most comfortable experience, all of whom have been treated orthodontically and can relate to the experience.
  • We use Damon™ Smile brackets, which make us more efficient and quick at wire change appointments getting rid of the timely application of elastic ties.
  • We use lighter wires in the beginning which are highly efficient to move teeth but more comfortable to the patient.
  • We use Invisalign® treatment, which is very comfortable and efficient to move teeth. Aligners are changed once weekly so the teeth move more gradually but more constant resulting in shorter treatment times and happier patients. Aligners allow for less interference in an active lifestyle with sports for young kids, provide a very aesthetic option for adults and teens alike, and never have poking wires or broken brackets.

Farrow & Dewbre Orthodontics takes pride in trying to be precise at each appointment to avoid unnecessary visits for you and your family. We respect your time, as we know what a valuable resource it is. If you do have to come into our Edmond, Oklahoma City, or Clinton, OK office to get an appliance, wire, or bracket repaired, we will use that time wisely and accomplish as much as we can in that visit. This may eliminate the need for a future appointment or allow us to schedule further out for your convenience.

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What Our Patients are Saying
“I believe that my son is receiving excellent care. Thank you for taking care of my son.” – PT
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