Meet Dr. Farrow

Dr. Melissa Farrow, a private practice orthodontic specialist in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Deer Creek, and Western Oklahoma, has practiced since 2007. Prior to opening her private practice, she completed her undergraduate degree and dental school studies at the University of Oklahoma. She went on to complete her orthodontic residency at the University of Colorado.

Over the last decade, Dr. Farrow has built a team that is truly an extended family. This team has a genuine interest, concern, and compassion for each other, their patients, and their patients’ families. The team works hard, has fun, and delivers amazing orthodontic experiences in an inviting atmosphere!

Dr. Farrow possesses a progressive orthodontic philosophy, which agrees with that of many dentists, hygienists, adults, and parents. It is important to her to keep all permanent teeth in most cases and use comfortable modalities to achieve functional and stable bites that last a lifetime. 


With that said, she finds early orthodontic treatment in young children to be a real benefit. Capturing young children in the mix of dentition with permanent and baby teeth is the perfect time to make space and eliminate the need for permanent tooth extractions in most cases.

In teen patients, dentitions using adolescent growth spurts with growth appliances may significantly reduce the need for surgical correction of many bites in the future.

Since Dr. Farrow was an adult orthodontic patient herself, working with adults is of particular interest to her. She relates and appreciates the resources her grownup patients put forth to undergo this experience. She finds great pleasure in giving adults a smile that is healthy and functional: the kind of smile that helps to build amazing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Personally, Dr. Farrow is married to an amazing man who is also an amazing oral surgeon. They have many similar professional interests and have the opportunity together to help and change many lives through the combination of orthodontics and oral surgery.

She and her husband love to garden, travel, and cook, and are proud to be called Sassy and Poppy by four grandchildren. Dr. Farrow loves most any outdoor activity. She calls herself a weekend exercise warrior; her exercise philosophy is “Exercise to eat!” However, her husband, a retired ultramarathoner, couldn’t get her addicted to marathoning! After completing one she said that was it for her … so far.

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